Being a mum is one of the most rewarding jobs in the world, but it can also be one of the most challenging.

Even going for a wee is a military operation…

But imagine how difficult your everyday tasks as a mum would be if you suffered from a serious health condition!

It’s difficult enough when you get a cold or virus. What if you were so unwell you couldn’t work or run your business?

How would you manage to support your family, financially and emotionally?

Or let’s say you’re fortunate enough to not have to work. Suffering poor health is still going to massively affect your energy levels, patience, and your ability to provide your child with that one-to-one attention they deserve from you.

As a mum myself, I know that it’s our instinct for our child’s needs and health to come before our own.

Your number one priority is your child’s welfare and long-term future.

But what you might not realise is that by neglecting your health, you’re indirectly jeopardising your child’s future without even realising it.

What if you get so unwell that you can’t look after your child? Even worse, what happens if there is a role reversal and the child becomes your carer?

Now you may think I am being very dramatic but I’m really not. This is a very frightening reality that faces every one of us who disrespects her body and health over time.

I spent a very eye-opening train journey talking to a seriously ill mum and her 12 years old daughter, who was now acting as her mum’s carer. This mum said she would do anything to turn back the clock and look after her health – because the guilt she felt over her daughter not living life like any other 12 year old totally outweighed any pain she went through on a daily basis.

Now the truth is its never too late to make improvements to you diet and your lifestyle but it is always better to prevent rather than cure…..

You see Illness doesn’t always give you a warning. It can creep up out of nowhere and bite you on the bum….

The chances are the cracks have been forming for many years even as far back as childhood.

I know, it happened to me (more on this in a minute…)

This is why there has recently been so much media coverage with messages from health authorities about ALCOHOL and SUGAR consumption.

These are two growing problems that are increasing the development of many illnesses, particularly CANCER. And they are 2 things that most definitely make all inflammatory issues worse.


Caption: Facebook posts like this might seem funny but they’re hiding a ticking health time-bomb for mums and compromising their childrens future

The fact that Obesity , Type 2 diabetes and fatty liver disease are on the rise in children due to the levels of sugar is a huge concern in itself.

Now, I would love to say it was as simple as just stopping or cutting back on your alcohol and sugar consumption.

But those are only two diet and lifestyle factors that sabotage not only your own health and wellbeing but your children’s health and future health too.

Remember, children are like sponges. Everything we do as mums they will soak up, copy, and take with them into adulthood.



Do you really want that for your kids?

I’m not saying that you’re doing it on purpose. But when we don’t look after our own health through lack of knowledge, we’re seriously compromising our children’s future and putting them at risk of serious illnesses too.

Maybe you give them that ‘one-off’ treat like a chocolate bar or a can of Coke but then do those treats seem to build up throughout the week?


And that’s before we look at the not so obvious diet and lifestyle factors that compromise our health everyday.


This is something so many mums are doing and without considering the long term effects.

It’s essentially killing them with kindness.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

You and your children deserve better.

Without your health the things you say are important to you can be taken away in a heartbeat.

Good health requires more than just healthy eating, having your seven-a-day, drinking a smoothie or juice a day or taking a combination of superfoods and supplements.

Health Jigsaw piece image

It really is a big jigsaw puzzle.

I’ve spent over 16 years working in nutrition, specialising in immune and  inflammatory health conditions, and creating strong connections with professors of immunology and doctors of nutritional science.

This means I have genuine knowledge and understanding on the immune system, how the body functions, and why the correct diet nutrition and lifestyle are so important in assisting the body to keep us healthy.

Good health is not a luxury. It is essential to fulfil even the most basic daily tasks.

But good health must be worked at and some of us have to work harder than others.

And i genuinely believe we should all have easy access to this essential knowledge, without it breaking the bank, if we are to not only protect our own health but this knowledge is essential to safeguard our children’s health and long -term futures as well.

Infact it is that important we should all be taught this stuff school because it would most definitely save many more lives and reduce the occurrence of many health concerns dramatically.

Which is why I developed my GET HEALTHY BOOTCAMP which is an online program designed to not only teach you the building blocks to healthy living.

So although being a mum isn’t always easy we can make our job easier by arming ourselves with the correct knowledge to future proof not just our own health but theirs too so click the link bellow to claim your weeks free trial