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With so many different DETOX programs out there promising super quick DETOX solutions it can get a little confusing to know which one is right and which is wrong.

So here is my 5 top tips i advise EVERYBODY to 

think about

before engaging in any DETOX program if they are 

REALLY serious about improving their long term Health

immunity &

overall energy levels !

BECAUSE  there’s  a lot more to DETOX than people are lead to believe !

Detox Tip 1) DETOX for the right reasons !


OK your probably thinking Kate what are you talking about surely any reason is a good reason to DETOX ?!

Sorry to say it but NO….. You see most people tend to engage in DETOX out of GUILT or are just looking for a quick fix !

And this is usually triggered when we have overindulged in something or several things we know to be bad for us.

This is why during the month of January DETOX is such a super fashionable word.

Meaning we engage in DETOX for all the wrong reasons and tend to revert back to old habits once we have overcome that feeling of GUILT !

Detox Tip 2) Be CONSISTENT 

consistent detox

Because the majority of us only DETOX in an attempt to ease our own guilt, once we have overcome the feeling of self disappointment we usually revert back to our old habits and follow a repetitive cycle of what’s demonstrated in the image


Lack of CONSISTENCY with any change in DIET OR LIFESTYLE only causes STRESS on the IMMUNE SYSTEM and this results in the opposite result of what we were hoping to achieve.

Detox Tip 3) Provide The Body With Everything It Needs To Function!

balanced detox

Now i know this probably sounds obvious but you would be amazed how NUTRIENT DEPRIVED the body gets when we engage in DETOX programs !

Typically when we engage in what we believe is ”DETOX”, more often than not our chosen approach usually results in the body being deprived of essential nutrients and the body not being able to perform as it is supposed to !

And some of you maybe thinking ” But i am giving my body plenty of Vitamins, Minerals & Protein!

But the body needs much more than that i am afraid….

There are 4 very important ACTIVE ENZYMES the body needs daily and certain Vitamins and minerals are critical in the diet everyday… These can be delivered to the body through our food but they are only found in a select number of foods which must be delivered and consumed by the body in a particular way. This is something most people do not do consistently in their everyday lives let alone when engaging in a quick fix Detox Program.

Detox Tip 4) Complete The Jigsaw

DETOX jigsaw

There are number of important factors that influence how effective the body functions.

If we are to achieve optimum results we MUST take into consideration all the different parts that make up the jigsaw.

Make no mistake one consistent change to diet and lifestyle is good and is certainly a step in the right direction.

But if your goal is INCH LOSS or to control a more serious health condition then you really need to consider the jigsaw as a whole if the body is to fire on all cylinders.

Detox Tip 5) Take The Time To REALLY UNDERSTAND What DETOX Is

confused about detox

The truth is most people really don’t understand what DETOX is !

We tend to generalize DETOX as something we refrain from or consume for a certain period of time and this sadly is something the industry has set as a time frame in our minds :

7 day DETOX

21 day DETOX

1 Month DETOX

And so on….

In fact the industry have us believing that it is their particular program or product that will DETOX us most quickly, easily and effortlessly!

Eg: Juicing Detox….. Drinking Detox Tea…..Refraining from something we know is bad for us

There is even Detox Retreats that people pay Thousands for the privilege…. which is TOTALLY exploiting peoples lack of knowledge to cash in !

 NONE of these is real DETOX, that’s not to say when engaged in properly and consistently they are not good for you because they can be……. But all of these can also have devastating consequences to your long term or short term health when the certain factors are not taken into consideration.

 NO Product or Program can DETOX YOU !

Sorry to be the barer of bad news but a quick fix DETOX PRODUCT does not exist !

The ONLY thing that can successfully DETOX YOU is your

own body!

The ONLY thing that can successfully cure or heaYOU of

any illness is YOUR own body!

In fact YOUR Body Is DETOXING, CURING & HEALING You Right This Minute While You Are Reading This Blog Post

But here is the catch…….

How well the IMMUNE SYSTEM is currently performing is being seriously hindered by everyday life…. some we may be aware of and some we are totally oblivious to!

So the very thing we rely on to keep us fighting fit is the very thing we Sabotage every day of our lives!


We don’t deliver the correct ACTIVE ENZYMES & essential Vitamins and minerals the body needs to perform its basic role to the best of it’s ability consistently every single day!…. Even if you are a regular Juicer or Smoothie Fan and CONSISTENTLY have your 7 a day. This i am afraid does not mean you are necessarily providing the body with what it needs to perform its daily role of keeping you FIT & HEALTHY!


Hard to digest foods causes havoc on gut health which ultimately effects our Immune system and nutrient absorption.


Damages our IMMUNE SYSTEM and compounds its workload making it harder to attend to daily tasks like fighting off Viruses, Infection  & other Illness.


Also damages our IMMUNE SYSTEM and compounds its workload



As we age certain active enzymes produced naturally by the body DEPLETE meaning if the body is to perform to the best of its ability to keep us in the Radiant Health we all long for then it is dependent on us to provide it with the right Nutrients and active enzymes through our diet everyday.

So if YOU really want to improve your overall energy levels and the general quality of health for you and your family 

Then I Invite You To join my free 7 day masterclass